About Us


For over sixty-five years, Dura Art Stone has been an industry leader in the manufacture of Concrete and cast gypsum. From 1935 as Western Artificial Stone Company, then as Western Art Stone and now as Dura Art Stone, the company has consistently been a pioneer in the development of improved materials, techniques and processes.

Concrete architectural ornament evolved to site furnishings and then in 1967 the company erected its first precast high-rise building. Since then, the sizes and shapes of the projects have grown and new materials added. GFRC now represents a substantial portion of the materials produced. Precast panels incorporating brick, granite, marble, travertine, and tile are used in new and creative ways.

Dura Art Stone's technical personnel are anxious to make their expertise and experience available at the earliest stages of a project. Preliminary discussions and consultations between our engineers and the architect result in determination of appropriate materials, methods of attachment, appropriate finish and the development of engineering details as well as other relevant technical participation.