Industry Specs


Concrete / Precast Concrete

Concrete / Precast Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates and mineral colors and is reinforced with steel.

  1. Cement shall be Portland Cement conforming to ASTM C-150Types I,II or III.
  2. Integral color, shall be pure mineral oxide, limeproof and nonfading.
  3. Aggregates for concrete shall conform to the ASTM C-33 with a maximum size of 3/4 inch.
  4. Reinforcing steel shall conform to ASTM 615 and deformations shall conform to ASTM M-305
  5. Quality; Minimum strength of 5,000psi at age 28 days, as determined by tests of 6-inch and 12-inch cylinders. Absorption shall not exceed 5 percent.


GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) is a lightweight Concrete where cement, fine aggregates and glass fibers are combined to provide the Concrete look with about 1/3 the weight.


Glascrete™ is a simulated Concrete where polyester resin, fine aggregates and glass fibers are combined to provide the Concrete look with about 1/5 the weight. Glascrete has high impact resistance, and damage due to impact is usually confined to the area of impact without propagation of cracks. Compressive strength exceeds that of Concrete.

Concrete can be used for most projects. Glascrete™ is for recommended when weight and/or access are factors.

Finish Options

Smooth Acid Etch Light Sandblast Medium Sandblast Heavy Sandblast Exposed Aggregate
Smooth Acid Etch Light Sandblast Medium Sandblast Heavy Sandblast Exposed Aggregate

Color Options

Slate Gray Charcoal White Tan Terra Cotta Beach Brown
color_slategray color_charcoal color_white color_tan color_terracotta color_beachbrown
Sand Buff Dark Brown Rustic Brown Limestone Surf Green Rust
color_sandbuff color_darkbrown color_rusticbrown color_limestone color_surfgreen color_rust
Nordic Cream Dove Gray Silica White Mexican Tile Mojave Sand Stone Gray
color_nordiccream color_dovegray color_silicawhite color_mexicantile color_mojavesand color_stonegray

Coatings & Surfaces

Surfaces are cast against appropriate mold materials to achieve desired finishes. Color selection can be made from either Scofield or Davis color charts, or from the colors shown. Applied or Glaze finishes are available at an up charge.


All planters without drain holes are automatically sealed on the inside with a black or gray elastomeric membrane unless otherwise specified. Anti-graffiti, semigloss or gloss (Glaze) sealers meet the moisture retention requirements of ASTM C-309 when tested in accordance with ASTM C-156 and all federal and state solvent emissions standards including California Air Regulation Board requirements.


Dura Art Stone warrants its products, when purchased new, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for one year from original provable date of purchase. Replacement or repair at the option of Dura Art Stone of defective part shall be the sole remedy of this warranty.

Technical Support

Dura Art Stone prides itself on being able to perform with quality products produced in a timely manner. Because of our extensive mold inventory, it's rare when we can't meet your delivery requirements. Prices are quoted FOB our plants. Delivery, placement or installation, and/or crating charges are quoted separately. Please call or write our offices for exact pricing information.

Dura Art Stone will assist designers, upon request, in developing proper details and attachments.