Custom Portfolio

Sculpture, Corporate Identity

Dura Art Stone offers a unique blend of sculpting, engineering, mold making, and manufacturing capabilites. We have the experience to produce the most complicated stone or simulated stone sculpted pieces for practically any use.

Nordstrom logo

Santa Barbara, CA

Concrete custom logo sculpted by Dura Art Stone personnel.

Concrete Serpent
Carousel Park

Santa Monica, CA

Precast concrete serpent head 54,000 lbs, emits a fine spray of water and flashes its eyes.

Concrete Galleon
Chollas Lake Park

Lemon Grove, California

Precast concrete galleon.

Monterey Vineyard

Gonzales, CA.

Precast concrete entry signs

3d Concrete type
Shores Center

Redwood City, CA

Precast concrete sign with individual letters mounted below grade.

Sculpted animals
Memphis Zoo

Memphis Tenn.

Six pair of larger than life size precast concrete animals.