Concrete Balustrading

RB-6 Round Balusters with BR-4 base rail and CR-2 Cap Rail, Piers are 12" incised

Dura Art Stone offers a complete line of concrete balustrades (square and round) and all the necessary components: Cap Rails / Base Rails / Balusters and Piers


Concrete is recommended for best results. Where weight is a factor we recommend cap and base rails in GFRC

Cap Rails

CR-1 CR-2 CR-3 CR-4
cr-1 cr-2 cr-3 cr-4
CR-5 CR-6 CR-7 CR-8
cr-5 cr-6 cr-7 cr-8


Balusters are available both round or square and in 24" or 31" heights depending upon building code requirements.

Baluster spacing is typically 8" to 12" on center and is at the specifiers discretion.

RB-1 round
SB-1 square
RB-2 round
SB-2 square
RB-3 round
SB-3 square
RB-4 round
SB-4 square
RB-5 round
SB-5 square
RB-6 round
SB-6 square
rb-sb1 rb-sb2 rb-sb3 rb-sb4 rb-sb5 rb-sb6

Base Rails

BR-1 BR-2 BR-3 BR-4
br-1 br-2 br-3 br-4
BR-5 BR-6 BR-7 BR-8
br-5 br-6 br-7 br-8