Pools and Fountains

Precast Concrete Pool Walls

FB-10 with FF-1 Figure and PW-3 Pool Wall

Our Standard Fountains are precast concrete and available individually or tiered. They range in size from 1.5' to 8' diameter. Fountain pedestal extensions are available for stacking configurations.

Fountains are designed to be placed in a poured-in-place pool or used with pool wall as shown at left. Pool configuration, drawings and field dimensions must be provided by the specifier.

If weight is a consideration, Fountains and Pool Walls can be made in our lightweight Glascrete material. Contact us for special pricing.


FB-1 FB-2 FB-3
fb-1 fb-2 fb-3
FB-3a FB-4 FB-5
fb-3a fb-4 fb-5
FB-6 FB-11 FB-12
fb-6 fb-11 fb-12
FB-9 FB-10 FB-13
fb-9 fb-10 fb-13
FB-8 FB-14
fb-8 fb-14


Figures FF-2A and FF-3A are for 1.5 foot diamter bowls only.

FF-1 FF-2 FF-2a FF-3 FF-3a
ff-1 ff-2 ff-2a ff-3 ff-3a

Pool Configurations

All fountains are designed to be placed in a poured-in-place pool or used with pool walls. Pool configurations and drawings complete with field dimensions must be provide by the specifier.

pc-1 pc-2 pc-3 pc-4

Concrete Pool Walls

PW-1 PW-2 PW-3
pw-1 pw-2 pw-3

Concrete Pool and Wall Coping (Available Widths are: 12", 14" 20", 26")

wc1 wc2
wc3 wc4
wc5 wc6
wc7 wc8
Concrete Pool Coping Wall Coping
pool coping wall coping


Material Diameter Design Color Finish
S 6 FB-1 S-1 LSB
S W In feet      

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    Concrete Pool and Wall Coping

    Linear Feet or Outside Diameter Material Configuration of Wall/Coping Pool Walls Wall Coping Coping Width Color Finish

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