Perimeter Security


Perimeter Security and Force Protection have long been part of the Dura Art Stone vocabulary. From our beginning in 1935, it has grown with each crisis facing our country. . . World War II, Korea, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile crisis, Vietnam, Beirut, Oklahoma City and then September 11, 2001.

We regret the causes that have made our products necessary. At the same time we are proud to be a small part of protecting vital aspects of our democracy. . . federal, state and municipal government buildings, embassies throughout the world, courthouses, airports, sports arenas, corporate buildings and quite a few private residences that must remain nameless.

This represents our first attempt at aggregating those products that specifically apply to this category. It's just a start; there will be more. We would appreciate your ideas of how our product line could be expanded or improved to make our world a little safer.