Perimeter Security

Dura Art Wall

Precast concrete planters, bollards and pilasters are the aesthetically pleasing way of anti-terrorist vehicle barrier systems. Precast concrete barriers (K Rails, Jersey Barriers, etc.) are an unattractive alternative but have the advantages of being continuous, easy to install, economical and formidable in appearance.

Dura Art Stone offers a combination of both as DURA ART WALL. Architectural design turns an otherwise ugly highway median into a complement to the most sophisticated environment. All the advantages of a traditional barrier are combined into an architecturally pleasing yet no-questions-asked security element.

Type 1 4', 8', 12' lengths
type1_draw type1
Type 2 4', 8', 12' lengths
type2_draw type2
Type 3 8' lengths only
type3_draw type3
Type 4 8' lengths only
type4_draw type4
Type 4a 4', 8', 12' lengths
type4a_draw type4a
Type 5 4', 8', 12' lengths
type5_draw type5
Type 6 8' lengths only
type6_draw type6
Type 7 4', 8', 12' lengths
type7_draw type7


Material Length Design Color Finish Installation
S 8 DAW-7 S-14 LSB B
S In feet       B E H